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Gundaraj News

Here is the list of some news that looks like Gundaraj News. These day the society has become so helpless because of Gundaraj and Corruption that it is not only getting acceptance in society but society is also following this path. Situation has become so shameful that people are taking law into own hand, people […]

75 children working as bonded labourers rescued in Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur district

Can you imagine that a total of 333 bonded labourers were rescued? and out of which 75 children working as bonded labourers rescued in Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur district? This is such a sorry state that so many labourers have moved from one place to another and the authorities did not even notice it on time. […]

Mother Fighting Gundaraj?

Below are the videos showing views of mother fighting gundaraj. First video is her reaction after judgement and second video is before the judgement. This is the most talked about Nitish Katara murder case. Nitish Katara was 25 when he was burnt to death in Ghaziabad near Delhi as punishment for dating Bharti Yadav. This […]

Bank Cheat in Navi Mumbai

It is easy to find cheats where money is present. In this case the cheats have been cheating then banks in Nabi Mumbai. If the bank officials are more vigilant then this will help in cause less trouble to people and police. This case was investigated thoroughly and police finally caught the culprits. Big question […]

Absconding Branch Manager Surrenders Cash to Police

This news may sound funny to hear that an absconding Branch Manager surrenders cash to Police. It is funny because in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh’s Harda district this Bank Branch Manager of a Cooperative Bank was on the run with approximately 2 Crore 77 Lakhs in his car for around 12 days. […]

Forced Shave Hair Off School Students Heads Forcibly in Bengaluru

In the recent case of brutal punishment given to the students of St. Jospeh’s Academy, Bangalore. Forced shave hair off school students heads forcibly is now being investigated by the police. In total 10 students head shave hair off. A total of 43 students live in the hostel provided by the school authorities and these […]

Child Labour Rescued in Hyderabad – Racket busted 10 Agent Arrested

In an interesting development child labour rescued in Hyderabad. Racket busted 10 agent arrested. All this happened when police raided the old city of Hyderabad in a special operation to nab illegal financiers, rowdy elements in the area. Hyderabad police found these children to be working in leather and bangle making units in extremely dangerous […]

Shoot-out in Mathura district jail, one killed

Man killed inside the jail! Shoot-out in Mathura district jail, one jail inmate was killed but how did the arms reach inside the jail? Is this a big question or it is that the arms are easily inside the jails in India? If the arms are easily available inside the jail that means your life […]

Indian Railways Ticket Checker Beats Student

Do you travel in Mumbai local train? Now Indian Railways ticket checker beats student in Mumbai local train. One these ticket checker is a Boxer and another a Wrestler and also working with Indian Railways. When the ticket checker found out that the student was travelling using and expired pass, he started beating the student. […]

Illegal Telephone Exchange, is Obama on Target?

Just 70 kilometers from New Delhi is Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh and has been in news for many good and bad reasons earlier. Now the news of illegal telephone exchange, is Obama on Target? This is a big question being raised because many overseas calls were made from this illegal telephone exchange. Approximately 250 […]

Air India Pilot Engineer Fight in Cockpit at Chennai Airport

It is really interesting to know that the Air India Pilot Engineer Fight in Cockpit at Anna International Airport Chennai. Luckily the flight crew was replace and the flight went with with new crew. This also shows how stressed was the Air India Pilot that he could not maintain his cool and discipline. This pilot […]

13 Saal Ki Bachchi Ab Dhayi Mahine Ki Beti Ki Ma Bani!

१३ साल की बच्ची अब ढाई महीने की बेटी की माँ बनी – Do you know that this is happening in the society you are living? In below video you can watch how and what happened to a daughter and family who had faith and belief in God. A 13 year old girl is now […]

Noida Development Authority – Another Scam?

After Yadav Singh, the Noida Development Authority has come forward with another scam, Nitin Rathi, bluffing people. Surprisingly Nitin Rathi is neither Chief Engineer nor Junior Engineer but he has 5 luxury vehicles. His vehicles have blue light on them and a plate as written in Uttar Pradesh Government officials vehicles. But he is not […]

100 Dead Bodies in River

More than 100 (unofficial figures) dead bodies in river Ganga were found in Safipur area of Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh, India. Around 30 dead bodies were first discovered on Tuesday January 13, 2015 and many more on January 14. District Magistrate Saumya Agarwal told media that around 80 bodies have been recovered from Pariyar Ghat […]

Factual Errors in MP Govt School Textbooks

Below is the video showing the proof of factual errors in MP Govt school textbooks. This book is provided to the students for free in all the government schools in Madhaya Pradesh. Mistakes are dangerous if they are not immediately corrected and communicated to the all the teachers and students. Many of the school teachers […]

Male Coach With Female Table Tennis Team Chhattisgarh Fighting CCTV Midnight

A CCTV footage from Rajahmundry, Andhara Pradesh has surfaced. A 19 year male coach with female table tennis team Chhattisgarh fighting CCTV midnight can be seen in the video. This raises serious question that why a female coach was not sent with the girls team and what was the boy doing the the girls room […]

Woman Robbed Killed in Delhi

A 58 year old woman robbed killed in Delhi. This woman (Sulochana Bansal) was living in C-41A, Shivaji Park, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. At the time of murder the woman was with her grandson (5 years old). When the door bell rang at 11 AM the woman open the door and when she resisted the […]

Rape attempt on a Doctor at Santosh Hospital in Ghaziabad

This news shows the dirty mind of a person who made rape attempt on a Doctor at Santosh Hospital in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Another important point to be noted that the man who attempted rape was staff member at Santosh Hospital in Ghaziabad. Lady Doctor who is the victim was doing Post Graduate studies and […]

Drunk U.P. Policeman Constable

Watch drama of drunk U.P policeman constable Watch drama of drunk Uttar Pradesh policeman constable at Hapur Railway Station near Meerut. This constable was not able to understand what he was doing. He can be seen doing all type of funny activities in below video:

Doctor, Componder, Constables Gangraped Student in Bhilai

Doctor, Componder and 2 Constables gangraped student for a period of over six months Two police constables Saurabh and Chandraprakash and a doctor Gautam Pandit were arrested on Thursday January 8, 2015 for gangrape of girl student at a Government Hospital in Bupela, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Police came to know about the incident when the girl […]

Brewery seeks to end uproar over Gandhi beer name, label

Gandhi Bot – A Connecticut brewery that drew condemnation in the U.S. and India for its beer that carries the name and likeness of Mohandas Gandhi says it’s received threats and is seeking a way to end the uproar.

Jharkhand – Sterilisation Operation Done Under Torchlight

At a state-run health clinic, guided by torchlight, surgeons in Jharkhand sterilised nearly 40 women because there was no power on Wednesday night. The women were then moved out of the operating theatre and made to lie down or sit on the ground in a corridor. There were no stretchers or blankets; no attendants to […]

Woman allegedly gang raped in Meerut

Again a shameful incident has come out of gang rape. Woman allegedly gang-raped in Meerut by 4 men at gunpoint. Published on Jan 2, 2015 A 22-year-old woman was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by four men at gunpoint in Daurala area of Meerut, police said. The incident took place on December 25 when the woman […]

Hyderabad: Drunk fire officials dance on duty

It is difficult to get opportunity to watch such funny and shameful incidents. In Hyderabad drunk fire officials dance on duty and that too on the night of December 31. On the new year eve the fire brigade officials are expected to be on high alert to face any accident. The fire officials were drunk […]

Pickpocket in Delhi Metro

Are you planning to visit New Delhi? Do you travel in Delhi Metro? Have you been Pickpocket in Delhi Metro? Either your answer is Yes or No, you should watch below video report in Hindi. CISF maintains the security of New Delhi Metro and its stations and for the first 11 months of the year […]

Sydney Lindt Chocolate Cafe Siege

Sydney Lindt Chocolate Cafe siege last minute videos of how police manage to over come lone gunman Man Haron Monis. The hostages who died in the police rescue operation were named as Katrina Dawson, a 38 year old barrister and mother of three and 34 year old Tori Johnson, the café’s manager.

Dubai Woman Harassed at Delhi Airport

Loader at Indra Gandhi International airport has been arrested on charges of molestation a woman. A woman has landed from Dubai in the middle of night and while waiting for her car in the waiting area she saw a man harassing the women around that area. Surprisingly no one said anything to this man including […]

Uber Cabs Safe

Everyone would like to travel safely in a Cab. So if you are going to book Uber Cab then first obvious question that should come is are Uber Cabs Safe ? Safety of a cab depends on two aspects, first is the attitude and behavior of Uber Cab Driver and second is the physical condition […]

India’s Rohtak Sisters Thrash Molesters in Bus, Passengers Stay Mute

In India’s Rohtak sisters thrash molesters in bus, passengers stay mute. This is not happening for the first time, looks like this has become a norm in India. Most of the Indians try to remain away or do not show concern in preventing such sexual harassment attacks on women in India. In the video it […]

Indore Woman Nabs Chain Snatcher

In central Indian city of Indore Woman nabs chain snatcher, she ran behind the chain snatcher alone. Chain snatcher was chased for few kilometers alone. Finally the woman was able to catch the man and then with help of other people around this man was brought to the police station. Below video shows the woman […]

Video Gauhar Khan Got One Tight Slapped On India’s Raw Star Set

Update: January 04, 2015 Gauahar Khan paid me to slap her in public claims Mohammad Akil Malik Mohammad Akil Malik the 24-yr-old man who slapped Gauahar Khan in full public glare has called it a publicity stunt by the actor herself. Akil Malik who had slapped Gauahar Khan on the sets of ‘India’s Raw Star’ […]

Bollywood Honey Singh

Inside story of Honey Singh’s sudden disappearance Where is Honey Singh?

Police Officer Shot Dead While Chasing Criminal

Can you imagine the condition of common man when you hear the news that police officer shot dead while chasing criminal? This news comes from the India’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh. We have heard lots of news about the crime committed in Uttar Pradesh and this appears to be an extreme case, a police […]

Festivals India

India is also called land of festivals so people may justify some festivals India has been celebrating may not be relevant today. This may sound funny as it may hurt the belief of some people. Since the world / society is changing so we need to also change our beliefs. This can be debated or […]

Drug Abusers India

Who is to be blamed for rise in drug abusers India? Is Drugs problem increasing because the youth do not have job or proper guidance on what is right and what is wrong in life or society? Is main reason of this drugs problem is because of easy availability of drugs or environment in which […]

Safe to eat Indian Food?

Some of you may find Indian food to be tasty but do you know if it is safe to eat Indian Food? Many people do not know hidden facts because of which the honest food item manufacturer may also make adulterated Indian food items. It is better to be extra careful and safe because the […]

Income Tax Department Raids On The Residence Of Noida Chief Engineer

Below is the video related to Income Tax Department Raids On The Residence Of Noida Chief Engineer. It is believed that the total asset should run into few thousand crores. This Chief Engineer Yadav Singh was working with Uttar Pradesh Government and has good relations with present and former government. It is likely that the […]

West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee ransack the West Bengal Assembly?

Movie Actors in Politics

This is becoming a common trend of movie actors in politics. After joining politics the truth is that they are still surrounded with people but in politics the expectation of people are different. Here are some of the videos that show movie actors in politics. Incoming search terms:thane ayurvedic fake video clip

Mulayam Singh 75 Happy Birthday : Azam Khan

Under fire from several quarters for spending people’s money on Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s 75th birthday celebrations, party’s prominent Muslim face and UP Minister Azam Khan on Friday hit back, saying Dawood Ibrahim, Taliban and Abu Salem are paying for the birthday bash.

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